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Flight Club Terms and Conditions

  • Invitations to join Flight Club are at the discretion of Bird in Hand
  • Flight Club has a limited number of members at any one time. If membership numbers reach this cap, member requests will be invited to join a waiting list.
  • Members will be contacted at least 10 days before the bi-annual case of 12 wines is due to be sent out. They will have the opportunity to change the wines on this pre-selected case by amending the wines on the form. If they do not respond, shipment of the chosen 12 wines and billing will occur automatically.
  • The amount billed will be the total RRP of the recommended wines less 20% membership discount. If the member chooses to alter the case, the total cost will change.
  • Additional discounts above the standard 20% may be applied to the bi-annual orders at the discretion of Bird in Hand giving you a greater saving. This additional discount however can only be attained if our recommended order stays un-modified. If you choose to customise your order the discount will revert to the standard 20%.
  • On joining Flight Club, members agree to retain membership for at least two years (four cases of wine)
  • If members choose to cancel after this two-year period, they can contact Flight Club via email on
  • It is the responsibility of members to inform Bird in Hand of any changes to their personal detail including change of address or billing details. Bird in Hand will not be liable for loss from incorrect payment or delivery details.
  • By joining Flight Club, members are agreeing to these terms and conditions and understand they are committing to purchase 12 bottles of wine twice-yearly via a recurring purchase.
  • By joining Flight Club, members are confirming they are 18 years of age, or older.
  • Flight Club is only available to members based within Australia